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Order from Hass for great authentic Mexican food today. They serve great tacos, burritos and tortas (subs). With each bite you will slowly fall in love with Hass, and that’s a fact!

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7370 Sawmill Road

(614) 760-0155


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“Couldn't have been happier with this place”

Amazing little Mexican place with plenty to choose from! The pork is cooking right in front of you at the register and it’s so delicious! I saw this on Yelp when I came into Columbus for the weekend and I had to try. Brought the whole family! I tried every taco between my boyfriend and I. My favorite was the Carnitas ones. Completely stuffed and topped off tacos! Couldn’t have been happier with this place, service was on point as well because the guy behind the register knew the whole menu by heart and explain every inch of it to us.

“OMG it's so good”

OMG it’s so good. Every one of the 4 meats we tried – carne asada, carnitas, al pastor and fish were all absolutely delicious. Most great taco places do 1 kind of meat very well, and others decently. HASS does all of them incredibly well.

“Wow, the tacos at this place are amazing”

Wow, the tacos at this place are amazing, particularly the pastor tacos. The meat is cooked on the spit perfectly, and they give you a lot of it with a nice green sauce on top along with pineapple, onions, and cilantro. The red and green sauces on the table were delicious as well.